We're outstanding in our field

We’re not afraid to be who we are; small-town people who understand tight-knit communities, the businesses that have survived and thrived because generations of the same family have walked through the same door, and organizations devoted to the people they serve.

Communication and marketing projects (and budgets) are smaller in scale, but in so many ways, more complex. The complexity arises from the close interrelationships between people and the wide variety of roles they play in the life of the community. These are places where identities are lived, not invented. They are places where the customer or patron’s direct experience will make a lie of every false promise.

Yes, we live where the cornfields seem as big as the Great Lakes, and we all grew up thinking John Deere owned the color green. Living in these places and doing the work of helping them thrive isn’t easy, which why we’re proud of being outstanding in our field.

our Friends

Jon Clingman

clingman pharmacy

Like most entrepreneurs, Jon is a creative guy. He’s a gifted writer whose customers love what he shares. What he needed was a little help creating a structure for his outreach, which is what we provided. Wherever his customers look they see Jon and his wife Julie volunteering. (in the photo above, Jon is helping shuck 4,000 ears of sweetcorn for a community festival) Jon and Julie’s dedication to others is why we love working for Clingman’s.

Dave Fridley

FARR technologies

We met Dave 12 years ago when Kurt first began work to create a municipal telecommunications utility in Vinton. Since then, we’ve gotten to know the other partners in the firm, Bryan Rearick, Steve Angerhoffer, Brian Nordtvelt and Peter Rasmusson. FARR is an engineering firm with deep experience in the design and construction of Fiber-To-The-Home systems. Like all of our friends, we’re impressed with FARR’s commitment to clients and their vision for the future.

Mollie Carrier

seagull bay motel

Mollie and her husband Issac, bought the Seagull Bay Motel in Bayfield, Wisconsin, a few years ago. Issac, a former firefighter, and Mollie, a professional make-up artist with some dazzling projects in her portfolio, had all the ambition and creativity they needed to be a success. Our contribution was helping them become more confident of a strategy focused on them and their young family as the brand.

featured Work

Virginia Gay Hospital

Award Winning Creative

Many Communities. One Commitment.

Benton Development Group

Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School

Historic Opportunity


Fiber Ready


One attribute sets us apart from every marketing and communications firm we’ve encountered; we learned our craft doing it for ourselves in real-time, in a real business with an ever-present sense of urgency. We were the marketing department, the logistics manager, accounting director….everything you can think of that comes along with a small business. We sold products to businesses, or in corporate-speak, we were B2B and had several thousand customers. 

what people say

Monkeythis has helped me in my business with creating a clean and functional website.

Taking what was old, cluttered and stagnate and making a fresh, clean and user friendly site that I can feel confident sending people to.


They were super professional, quick to respond and easy to work with.


It made the process fun and exciting. I've gotten so many compliments on my new site and I owe it all to their creative work.

Kim Meyer,

Choose to Rise

Monkeythis helped create a comprehensive overview of what we needed to do to attract a larger audience for a hiring pool.

They then took the idea and implemented the plan to make it happen. We now have a microsite

with a focus on recruiting, a pre interview contact form that helps us to select candidates to interview, use of commercials to highlight our business, and a better understanding of how to utilize our social media page for recruiting.

Kate Robertson,

Benton Development Group

Our critical access hospital has received national awards for marketing because the team at Monkeythis provides multi-disciplinary marketing and communications services. The cost is a fraction of what we would pay to maintain an in-house department capable of performing at their level. They understand healthcare, they know our market, and they know the critical role family medicine plays in patient well-being.

Mike Riege,

Virginia Gay Hospital CEO


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