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Image by Keith Tanner

We think it’s time to share with the world what makes you amazing!

We’re a creative agency.

We’re a creative agency weaving everyday happenings into outreach that inspires, informs, and builds engagement. We think it’s time to share with the world what makes you amazing!

It’s not an exclusive relationship, but at Monkeythis we are deeply committed to public education and broadband – key building blocks of robust communities. Along the way, we’ve met others wanting a hand to propel their awesome work driving economic development, making loans to underserved entrepreneurs, working with the hearing impaired, and more.

What we do.

Social Media

Immediate, relevant, and entertaining, your audience invites social media into their lives more often than any other information source. Their comments and shares ignite interest from family and friends nearby and across the country, giving a positively impactful social media program unparalleled power. Our social media services deliver maximum engagement for maximum impact.

Website Design

Your website should be a powerful statement of what makes your organization unlike any other. A unique site with clear navigation and an intuitive backend giving your staff control over site content is what we achieve for clients. The goal is for your audience to look to your website as the definitive voice of your organization.

Strategy Development

How to get what you want is a way of describing strategy development. It all starts with creatively exploring available resources and how what seemed like a limitation might be a surprising asset. Experience has taught us to look at challenges as a gateway to success.

Creative Development

The challenge of creative development is to blend look, tone and voice into the feeling your audience wants to experience. It can be warm and friendly, like a puppy greeting their owner after a long day, or doggedly logical if investment banking is your thing.  Color, font, look, sound, feel, now that’s how you do it!


Clear and straightforward with a dash of personality. Print remains a powerful tool for reaching your entire audience. Wait, we know what you’re thinking, “I just throw junk mail away.” You’re right. You do. Just after you looked at it and thought about spending a little time to learn more. Those catalogs keep coming because they keep making money, and that’s because people will  what’s relevant.


Video is energy. It’s being-there excitement. It’s happening in front of you now regardless of when it happened in time and that’s the power – immediacy, intimacy, and being there all wrapped up in one.



We believe communication and building strong relationships are the key to success. This is why every project we handle focuses on our three core principles.

What you can do.

Our clients don’t sit on their hands waiting for us to do the work. They dig right in. Unleashing your creativity is part of the fun, it’s part of the challenge, and it’s one of the most satisfying facets of our work. Clients who work with us become better at telling their own stories and it happens every time.

What we can do.

We can go on and on about our technical expertise. Our creative spark and superior project management skills, how excited we get about achieving client goals, the clients we’ve worked for, the amazing ads, videos, social posts - I mean we can go on.  But we’ll stop here untill you ask for more.

What we can do together.

This is the 900 lb. gorilla. The main event. It’s where our experience and technical skill are combined with your team’s right-there-right-now point of view to deliver an engaged audience supporting your mission, your values, and your goals.

Meet the monkeys.


President & CEO




Design Director

Being big isn’t what we want to be when we grow up.

We’ve got other goals in mind, like building work we’re proud of and unleashing the full potential of our clients.

Small by intent.

Small by intent. Diminutive with a loud mouth. Damned tired of clients hamstrung by complexity, doubting their ability, or prevented by their marketing partners from taking the lead. We believe in teaching, sharing, and leaning into the work together. We focus on growing a team (yes that means you) that can tackle whatever comes at us.

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