Above the Influence.

Five seconds is all it takes.



The Above the Influence Wellness Coalition asked Monkeythis to develop a campaign around three established themes to capture a teen-targeted audience's attention. The campaign's challenge was relating to an age group that is socially conscious and considers themselves more creative than the generations before them. Our goals included creating authentic messages that were relatable and working within a flexible structure to adapt to quickly changing trends.



The Monkeythis team went to work reviewing and researching past campaigns and initiatives in this arena before diving into image creation. The result of that effort was a campaign backed by cutting-edge research. In the absence of emotions in the moment, teenagers have similar and sometimes superior impulse control compared to adults. The key is to cool off the emotional cue. Knowing a lot can happen in five seconds, the campaign empowers teens to take those few seconds to consider what's going on around them. Five seconds offers just the pause needed at the onset of making what could be life-altering decisions. The impactful message this campaign delivers is a reminder to all of us that those five seconds belong to no one else. As individuals, we hold all the power during that moment and control our destiny.