Addison Dalquist



My role.

I’m a freshly graduated high school senior who had the privilege of interning with MonkeyThis. I was warmly welcomed to come back and gained a spot on this awesome team. Something I loved during my time interning was the flexibility of this work. One day we’re brainstorming logo ideas, the next we research and discuss social media posts; the list goes on. My role as designer will allow our content to start conversations and improve traffic to our clients. 


A favorite client.

While interning, I was able to create social media content for our client, New Hampton Municipal Utilities. I enjoyed the creative process and learning how to properly use the brand’s voice and guidelines. I’m looking forward to making more content for our unique clients and finding ways for them to stand out. 

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Iowa Intermediary Network

My obsession.

I love to journal, or rather, throw a whole bunch of elements together and see what happens. I’m very inspired by other journalers on Instagram. They frequently impress me with their compositions and combinations. Journaling involves not only writing, but the use of calligraphy, drawing, and my favorite– cutting and ripping a bunch of paper. I’m someone who likes to “trust the process”, so I don’t know how good everything will look until the end. The process, however, is very therapeutic to me.


Spicing up cards to my friends and family is something I’ve had a lot of fun with. I end up adding lots of stickers and layers to my work. Sometimes I go by a color theme and other times it’s very random. Each card has its own personality by the end! Creating and sharing my work with others is something that brings me joy.