Austin Karr

Principal / Project Manager

From Swatch Sampler To Ring Leader

With a background in interior design and project management, Austin brings a wealth of knowledge to Monkeythis.  His expertise in managing large, complex projects is perfectly suited to his current role as project manager.  Austin has been involved in Monkeythis from the very beginning, starting with marketing for the original office products company. After leaving Monkeythis, he spent time as a commercial interior designer and most recently as the Director of Strategic Initiatives at a Denver based office products company. As project manager for most projects at Monkeythis, Austin focuses on bringing the talents of each member of the team to bear on every project in the most effective way.  Austin works from the Monkeythis office in Denver, Colorado. 

What Is This “Free-Time” You Speak Of?

Austin’s home in Denver is a busy place!  He and his wife Kari have two girls, one nine and the other four who keep them both busy with activities and listening for those times when things have gotten just a little too quiet.  In addition to their family life, Austin and Kari manage Charlotte’s Day, a small nonprofit focused on providing height-adjustable chairs to children in feeding therapy. This work was inspired by their daughter Charlotte’s time in feeding therapy and her struggles with mealtime.  Now in its third year, Charlotte’s Day has provided more than 200 chairs to children in twenty states.