Austin Karr

Principal / Project Manager

From Swatch Sampler To Ring Leader

With a background in interior design and project management, Austin brings a wealth of knowledge to Monkeythis.  His expertise in managing large, complex projects is perfectly suited to his current role as project manager.  Austin has been involved in Monkeythis from the very beginning, starting with marketing for the original office products company. After leaving Monkeythis, he spent time as a commercial interior designer and most recently as the Director of Strategic Initiatives at a Denver based office products company. As project manager for most projects at Monkeythis, Austin focuses on bringing the talents of each member of the team to bear on every project in the most effective way.  Austin works from the Monkeythis office in Denver, Colorado. 


My Obsession

Curious minds have a tendency to fall down rabbit holes.  Frequently, curiosity gets the best of me, and I proceed down a path of exploration with no idea where it might lead.  A few years ago, I fell down a rabbit hole that led me to explore the most interesting new hobby: crocheting.  You may find this to be surprising, but there’s quite a #menwhocrochet on Instagram and I joined the (yarn) fray.

I had been looking for a hobby to keep my hands busy and crocheting fit the bill.  Over a short period, I became obsessed with this new hobby. Someone mentioned that crochet or knitting was meditative for them, and I found this to be true as well.  Most importantly, it filled my need to create.

After my journey down the rabbit hole, I bought a beginner crochet set on a whim and sat down to learn.  After my first afternoon, I had a twisted yarn square.  (Well, more of a trapezoid, but you get the picture.)  I started picking up a hook every day, joined a local crochet and knitting group, and bought way more yarn than I could store. I explore Instagram hashtags (enter #menwhocrochet) and found other men creating fantastic works of art with yarn.

Curiosity and creativity tossed me down a rabbit hole like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure novel that led to the perfect obsession for me.