Benton Development Group


Benton County, Iowa is located in the east central part of the state. The population size is just over 26,000 and it is home to 14 small rural communities. The county is centrally located between two larger metro communities: Cedar Rapids and Waterloo. The Benton Development Group fills a wide variety of roles for the entire county serving as an economic development organization, a government liaison, and a tourism association.

What The Client Wanted

Because the organization fulfills so many functions, assistance with planning, strategizing, and prioritizing were sought to set and achieve goals.


For Benton Development Group, news in the community impacts residents, business owners, and employees. Our goal for every news piece is to grab the attention of all those audiences by delivering information in a way that reaches them through multiple platforms consistently. By working closely with Benton Development Group leadership, we strive to share content in an accurate, honest, and timely fashion that empowers community members to take advantage of resources.

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It would be easy to use the organization’s social media platforms as merely a bulletin board for community meetings and events. These posts are needed, but a wider strategy put in place by Monkeythis places greater emphasis on celebrating successes within the county and highlighting the people reaching those achievements.


When the Benton Development Group wanted a series of video segments produced to promote their communities and what life was like in each, they elicited the creative skills of Monkeythis. Our team knew the areas well, knew how to accentuate the positives and how to portray each town authentically because we understood the nuances of rural life and could draw on our own experiences from having lived in similar surroundings. The results were clear, concise snapshots of the best Benton County has to offer.


Competition for larger business investment is fierce and with a limited staff it can be difficult to meet an RFP deadline when you are fulfilling multiple roles simultaneously. Monkeythis has built a trusted relationship with the leadership of Benton Development Group. Through a series of projects and meetings, our team understands the near-term and long-term goals and can help pull together strategic documents essential to attracting new business to the area.