Bobbie Hendryx

Senior Designer

Enjoying The Scenic Route

Bobbie’s path to a career in graphic design looks more like taking the scenic route. “From elementary to middle school if you asked me what I wanted to be, I would say … A teacher.

My teachers discouraged me with their opinions of low pay and lack of rewards in the profession. Truth be told as easily as I was swayed shows it wasn’t my passion.” She settled on obtaining a degree in business which gave her a solid foundation for the creative work she does today for clients. Her background includes retail management and sales, but her heart belongs to graphics. She’s been working with Kurt for 15 years, starting as the Director of Ad and Market A’Peel for the original office products company. “When you marry a strong written message with the right visual images and make an impression or create the desired result, it’s worth every effort.”

Small Town Roots

Bobbie and husband, Glenn, live in a tiny, tiny rural community just a couple miles north of Vinton. Almost empty nesters they have two girls together. Morgan has earned her Master’s degree in clinical social work, and Lauren is a college student at the University of Northern Iowa. And, with two stepsons, Bobbie enjoys spending time with grandkids!