Bobbie Hendryx


Senior Designer

My role.

Just as you might anticipate in any small business, when you work for a small creative agency, you find yourself wearing a lot of different hats depending on what’s needed for the project at hand. Officially, I’m the senior designer but honestly, I don’t get too hung up on titles. But, what does being a senior designer mean? For me, it means I’m the designer whose been here the longest. I’ve gained experience and have skills in areas that range from designing the layout on a sales brochure or flyer to building the graphics and editing the photos for posts on Facebook or Instagram. I’ll proofread copy and add some tweaks when needed one day and I’ll do some basic edits to video and add some motion or animation to make a digital ad more appealing.


I believe being a senior member of our team comes with the responsibility of leading by example. I work hard to give each project everything I’ve got to not only make it look good, but to make it do the work it needs to do to get results for our customer. Our creative team knows they can count on me to move projects forward and focus on the details, both large and small.

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Iowa Intermediary Network.

A favorite client.

I really enjoy event marketing. I love making sure all the promotional parts and pieces fit together and have a cohesive look. For the past several years, I had the privilege of creating those types of materials for one of our clients. One of their annual community events that raises money to support early detection for breast cancer was held on June 18.


From flyer to event guidelines to social media to swag. All the pieces should fit together and be recognizable as a whole unit. I love this project because it gives me a chance to work on so many different aspects and push my skills and understanding of marketing and communication in a variety of ways. I enjoy assembling all the pieces and thinking about all the touches each visitor or participant will encounter. I’m invested in how all the promotional and communication materials will shape or enhance their experience.


I feel accomplished when a project I’ve worked on shows direct results – an email went out and received responses; a social media post gained likes and comments; an event received rsvp’s or registrants. The materials we create have a job to do. Once we understand what’s needed, our team works well together to deliver a solution that works.

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John’s Qwik Stop.

My obsession.

I’m obsessed with fonts. I could spend hours going through them and exploring how to mix and match them. I see each one as having a personality and a mood. Pairing that with colors and images to create a message and getting it right is exciting to me.


I love flipping through different types of magazines, browsing through websites and social media looking for inspiration. If I’m shopping, I’m looking at the posters and signage just as much as the merchandise. Same holds true for an evening of kicking back and watching tv … if it’s broadcast, I’m looking at commercials, if it’s a movie or binging a show, I’m looking at how the show titles and opening credits were put together just as much as the storyline.


Ever taken a strength finder survey? Those kinds of things are always interesting to me. Those who know me best aren’t surprised to learn my top five came up as 1) empathy, 2) learner, 3) achiever, 4) harmony, 5) intellection. So basically, I put myself in your shoes, want to learn as much as possible can about everything, strive to do as much as possible without creating any conflict, and do it all very smartly.