Brittany Bolick

Senior Designer

Jack of All Trades, Master of None

Brittany has enjoyed art and designing since she was young, and it clearly showed -- she could make art out of anything. Not sure how she should approach the design field out of school, Brittany realized she had a hunger for learning. This love threw her into the world of web design, where she learned how to create robust design systems and layouts. Always wanting to improve, she then strengthened her knowledge of graphic design and sprinkled some 3D design in there as well. The world of design is ever-changing, but one thing’s for sure, Brittany will always be there, diving into the water of new ideas and braving the land of technology.

Pineapple Belongs On Pizza

Just like pineapple brings a nice contrast to the salty cheese on pizza, Brittany likes everything on her off time, from hiking and spending time out with friends to playing video games or watching a True Crime docuseries. Her dog, Zuko, is her best bud, and she feels like she can tell him all her secrets (She’s pretty sure he won’t tell).