Charlotte’s Day.

Commitment to what matters most.



Charlotte's Day, a 501(c)3, is devoted to providing high chairs to children and their families that encourage postural stability to reduce fatigue and to create a more stable platform for eating during mealtime.

They provide high chairs, at no cost, to families who have children currently working with a feeding therapist.

Austin (Principal and Project Manager at Monkeythis) and his wife Kari founded Charlotte's Day in 2017 after spending many years working with their daughter Charlotte to overcome her delays in feeding.



Since Charlotte's Day supports children but needs support from a variety of sources, the Karr's wanted to create a brand image that was playful yet professional. We started with a colorful logo that contained multiple parts that could be used together or independently, depending on the use. From there we created the stationery package and leave behind pieces that introduced the mission

and purpose of Charlotte's Day to potential donors or recipients. Keeping a clean and informative theme made all three assets feel cohesive and

altogether stronger as a whole.

Monkeythis also created a website that needed to include information about the family, Charlotte's story, general information, a way to request support and pages for donations.


As this organization has grown, we have continued to provide materials for events and fundraisers.

In 2019 Charlotte's Day held their first golf tournament and silent auction. Monkeythis created flyers, posters, name tags, and updated printed materials.