Cedar Rapids Hearing Center

Dr. Nancy Sickelka began Cedar Rapids Hearing Center in 1999. Dr. Melissa Heinricy joined shortly afterward by serendipitously inquiring at Cedar Rapids Hearing Center just as the practice was ready to expand. Together, we have become the familiar faces that our patients trust and look forward to seeing for all of their hearing care needs.

At Cedar Rapids Hearing Center we’re known for our warm, welcoming environment and knowledgeable, professional care. We understand how difficult hearing problems can be and we’ve built a practice on accurately assessing the most effective solutions for our patients. Come see why we’ve acquired such a loyal patient base, and experience the difference of expert hearing care.

What The Client Wanted

Unlike most marketing strategies, the goal was not to sell more hearing aids or get social media views and likes. The goal that Nancy and Melissa have always had is to help more people. They know that hearing is a big piece of our overall social, emotional, and cognitive health. Reaching more people who may not know they have hearing loss and helping people prevent hearing loss has been the strategy through every single project and tool we've created.


In-office signage and direct mail are additional tools to reach patients where they are directly. Print provides a way to promote new programs as well as season-related or situational information in additional to social media and website announcements to reach a larger, broader audience.



Ease of use and user-friendly navigation is extremely important for a website. This is especially true when your main audience is older in age, and technology may not be a big part of their lives. The redesign of the CR Hearing site considers the experience users would have when visiting the site. Users could be current patients or potential patients, and creating navigation where they can easily find information, resources, and even book an appointment is of the utmost importance.



Organic and paid social are used strategically to help patients and inform family of patients. Rather than using social media and digital ads to sell hearing aids, we use social media in a way that is informative, preventative, and trustworthy. This allows for more genuine traffic to the website and/or phone calls.



The purpose of CR Hearing's blogs have evolved from simple hearing aid maintenance tips to more in depth blogs and video demonstrations. The goal of these blogs is to provide patients and prospective patients with additional care and information outside of the center. A big part of these blogs is showcasing how common hearing loss is and to eliminate the stigma.