If the baby boom generation had saved enough money to pay for care in a nursing home, there wouldn’t be nearly enough workers to care for them. A promising option is for elders to age in place, is being made possible with highly sophisticated sensors to monitor health and wellbeing without compromising privacy. Smart technology can even eliminate common risks, like starting a house fire, when it turns off a stove burner that’s been left on. Aging in place requires reliable high-speed broadband.

Vinton, like many communities, issue high-school students laptop computers to take home. Unfortunately, many can’t connect to the school’s website from home because of slow connection speed or service costs that are prohibitive for their family’s budget.

High-speed broadband connectivity has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Economic development, education, healthcare, and the appeal of a community’s to young people is all reduced when incumbent internet providers fail to provide reliable high-speed connections at reasonable prices.

Kurt began actively investigating solutions for in 2012, and one of his first formal meetings involved Dave Fridley with FARR Technologies. Kurt organized a citizen’s group early in 2015, and by the general election in the Fall, the formation of a municipal communications utility was on the ballot for the fourth time in 35 years. Because of the careful preparation to create greater awareness in the community, and because the general public has come to understand the importance of broadband connectivity, the referendum passed with 88% of the vote. It has taken an additional four years of work, but now in 2019, cable is being installed, and the system is expected to turn-up its first customers before the end of the year.

Our commitment to community runs deep with us, and by the time we were designing sales collateral for iVinton, every one of us was all-in on this important community project.

PHASE I – Public Vote

The simplicity of the campaign was it’s strength. We didn’t highlight optical fiber, technology, speed, or price. Our only statement was, “We’ve waited long enough.”

PHASE II – Technical Assistance

During the four years of planning from the vote to installation of fiber-optic cable, we helped sustain support for the project by creating and distributing information to the public and to public officials.

PHASE III – Sales Collateral

Finally, the fun part! Designing what iVinton would look and feel like for consumers.