Vinton Unlimited

It’s especially great to be trusted by people who know our work well, and who are confident in our ability to take on new challenges. Promoting the 150th anniversary of our hometown’s founding was certainly a new challenge, and while we always feel we have skin in the game, helping a hard-working group of local volunteers felt uniquely stressful.

We helped create a three-phase strategy for the committee. The first phase was a multi-media promotional campaign. The second phase encouraged property owners to spruce up homes and businesses in anticipation of out-of-town visitors. The third phase wasn’t fully implemented due to time and financial contraints, but we had hoped front-line customer service people would have a concise information resource they could use to answer visitor questions more effectively.

The day was a great success. Volunteers prepared 4,000 ears of sweetcorn to give away; a nod to the once-popular Vinton Sweetcorn days when 10,000 ears were given away to highlight Vinton’s vegetable canning industry, and Vinton as the home to the first canning factory west of the Mississippi. Everything else went off without a hitch, and locals and visitors alike had a great time.