You’re focused on the customer. You are relentlessly communicating sales messages from the customer’s perspective. You keep people first. You’re true to who you are. Now what?

Your business exists in a category. Present yourself to the customer in the conventional category of your industry and you’ll be one more unmemorable competitor.

Shopping at IKEA is one giant DIY event, from creating your own “pick ticket” upstairs, picking products from the warehouse downstairs, loading everything on a cart, taking them through checkout, loading them in your vehicle, hauling them home, and then doing all the assembly. But IKEA doesn’t sell DIY furniture projects. Lots of companies do that.

Every box could say, “assembly required.” But instead of selling DIY projects, IKEA owns a category they made by sharing the value of “Flat Pack.”

IKEA says again and again that transporting flat boxes reduces shipping costs, which saves the customer money while reducing the environmental impact of IKEA. Flat Pack helps eliminate damage, which eliminates returns and reshipping, which saves the customer time, frustration, money and environmental costs.

In every way they can, IKEA reminds the customer to see IKEA in a light of IKEA’s own making.