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PEOPLE  trust  


No one believed the same lonely repairman sat inside every Maytag appliance store, yet the lonely repairman was a powerfully effective tool personifying Maytag’s reliability. Consumers respond when a person (real or imagined) is connected with a product. IKEA connects its products to the people who design them, giving the product the integrity of a person committed to excellent and functional design.

We want the assurance of knowing there are people behind the products and services we buy. We know “corporations can’t blush”..that large-scale corporate enterprises shield their actions behind legal departments and bureaucracy.

Customers living in a world where no one is responsible for toxic drinking water or planes that fall from the sky want someone they can trust. In this era of heightened distrust, the small enterprise has a great potential advantage; there is a person responsible for everything that happens, or at least someone you can talk with who wants to help you.

You want to tell your business story, but customers want to hear your people story.