Jon Clingman /

clingman pharmacy

Clingman's is a small independent pharmacy swimming against the competitive current as all independent pharmacies are. Jon Clingman had an additional challenge; his historic building of several thousand square feet burned to the ground in a fire that started in an adjacent building. Though he has reopened in a new location, the new building is much, much smaller. He is unable to stock everything he did before, and many people in his community wondered if he might close. Jon needed to assure loyal customers that Clingman's would still be there for them. Jon has been successful in that effort, with only a nudge from us once in awhile.

Like most entrepreneurs, Jon is a creative guy.

He is also a talented writer whose customers enjoy what he shares. The content he creates does a great job of driving engagement, but unfortunately, before working with us, he wasn't confident of what he created.

We provide Jon with a structure to guide his communications and we review what he plans to share. We contribute professional design capabilities to create more polished content when it's needed, and perhaps most importantly, we are the gentle burr under his saddle that helps him stay on track.

Communicating value and reaching out to keep your customers coming back, or to attract new customers, doesn't have to be expensive.

You might be surprised at how much we can accomplish together.