Kat Horwedel



My role.

Being the newest and youngest addition to the Monkeythis team, I am so grateful that I was welcomed in with open arms. My passion is helping small business achieve their goals, and I knew immediately that Monkeythis had the same passion. Officially, I am the Junior Graphic Designer and Social Media Manager. With so many different needs for our clients, my days never look the same. One day, I may be creating and scheduling social media posts. The next day, I could be editing videos and writing blogs.

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A favorite client.

Coming from a small town, I know how important it is for small businesses to get support and build within the community around them. I love that our clients are small businesses and communities, because we really get to take our time and focus our attention on each client. I know how impactful our work can be and it makes me very proud.


One project I’m particularly proud of is Cedar Rapids Hearing Center. Since I started, we’ve come up with more content to really ramp up their social media presence. For the last few months, we’ve been able to redesign their website, grow their Facebook page, and create an Instagram page.


I really enjoy this client because I get to do a little bit of everything for them. I create social media content, write blog posts, and create digital ads for CR Hearing Center. I get to use different skills at different times, which always makes me excited. 


It’s been great to see their growth and watch Nancy and Melissa come up with their own ideas for content as well. As audiologists, they really care about their patients and having them create tutorial videos for their patients has been a great piece of bonus content each month. I’ve loved seeing how our relationship with them has become us working together to put out the very best information for their audience.

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Stone Ridge Developing.

My obsession.

Most of my obsessions always have some sort of design element to them. I’m very into interior design, fashion, and cooking. Being a graphic designer, interior spaces are so important to me as well.


I especially love Ikea and planning furniture and decor for friends’ and family member’s homes. Fashion of course has so many design elements to it. It could be the pattern of the fabric, the actual construction of the garment, and how the garment is displayed or packaged. Although looks aren’t always important in cooking, designing a recipe is still key. When the food is beautifully plated or full of color, that’s just a bonus.