Kat Horwedel

Junior Designer

Humble Beginnings

Growing up, Kat was always doing something creative: competing in drawing contests, making Halloween costumes, and designing clothes. Her creativity led to a talent in traditional drawing and painting. After having a freakout her senior year of high school, she decided that graphic design would be her major, despite not knowing the subject. Luckily, her traditional art skills transferred over to the design world, and she received her BFA in Graphic Design from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Kat then went on to get her Master’s Degree in Communication and Media Management from Colorado State University.

Welcome to Colorful Colorado

Moving to Colorado for graduate school ended up being one of the best choices Kat has ever made. She and her long-term partner, Wes, love the Colorado landscape and laid-back culture. Their two dogs Brewski and Seymour, don’t mind the mountain hikes either.