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Kylie Wolf.

Creative Director

Kylie and Steven.jpg

My role.

I'm a designer, my purpose is to be flexible. I'm here to jump into any project, make it beautiful and produce creative beyond expectation. I am also uniquely talented at being a translator. No, I don't speak any foreign languages; I speak creative brief. Are you looking for a fresh new look but you don't know what it should be? Are you only certain circles make you happy and you're not sure if you trust parallelograms because they seem shifty? Don't worry, I can work with that.


I'm here to jump into any project and produce creative beyond expectation.

My Obsession.

Baxley and Noodle.jpg

I'm a story teller.

Baxley and Noodle.jpg

My obsession changes depending on when you ask me. This could be crochet, embroidery or reading. What remains consistent is I LOVE my pets. I have two dogs and one cat: Baxley, Noodle and Nolan. They are the best.


As you get to know me it quickly becomes apparent I am a story teller, and a very silly one at that. This isn't a choice on my part but simply how my brain functions. You may think we're discussing something mundane like doing the dishes, but trust me when say I'm imagining a bizarre scenario of the events being described. My imagined reality is a fun place to visit. All of this simply means choosing to work in a creative industry is a good fit for me.

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