Mollie Carrier /

seagull bay – a lakeside motel

Mollie and Isaac Carrier bought the Seagull Bay Motel a couple of years ago from long-time owners who had a dedicated following. The established customers were happy with the way things were and could have cared less about TripAdvisor or the motel's website.

Getting new customers depended mostly on social media, TripAdvisor, and having complete information on the website, not to mention renovating rooms to meet the needs of today's traveler.

What the couple needed most was a little nudge in the right direction, and they took it from there.

Our contribution was helping Mollie and Isaac become more confident of a strategy focused on them and their young family as the brand. We suggested that updating photos and making it clear that Seagull Bay is a labor of love, and that's what they did.

Like most friendships, ours with Seagull Bay has an ebb and flow. The Carriers' took the tools and lessons we taught them and did a great job, all on their own. They no longer needed us, and we thought that was great. 

Time passed, and we watched from a distance as the Seagull Bay Motel evolved into Seagull Bay –

A Lakeside Motel. An updated motel with new branding and a modern look; inside and out. 

On a crisp fall day, Mollie reached back out to us, "just a few quick questions!" was the title of the email. 

We were happy to help her with those questions, and continue to give help and advise as needed.

After all, if a client takes what we've taught them, and can sustain it, it's a success in our book. 

If you're in Bayfield, Wisconsin, look them up. Better yet, make a reservation! Find the Seagull Bay website here or visit their Facebook page.