we found ourselves in a field of corn.

If you spend even a minute on our website, you will notice that we rely heavily on cornfield imagery.  Part of our website states that we are “outstanding in our field”; we refer to John Deere Green, cornfields, and small towns.  We proudly list our corporate headquarters as Vinton, Iowa, a town with just over five thousand residents, three stoplights, and an old-fashioned main street.

Our market research has not shown that cornfields are the next hot marketing trend; we just found that being ourselves is a lot easier than being someone else.  In our business there are more potential clients and bigger potential clients in major cities, which is why the dominant “look” and attitude of marketing and advertising firms is urban cool. Yet here we are, living in the middle of an ocean of corn and beans. Should we be who we are? Should we try to be who we aren’t? Should we change as much as possible to be more like them and less like ourselves? We debated changing our headquarters to Denver, Colorado (our second office), and adopting a new persona. A client even suggested we could charge more if we were “from” Denver. In the early going, we struggled with those questions many times.

We chose to accept the advice we give our clients; be yourself. We’re small-town people. We live in rural America. To us, small-towns are about close connections. Seeing our clients at the local coffee shop or the drug store is how we got our start. Now many of our clients are located far from our small town, our commitment to them is the same as it would be if they were our neighbors.

We committed to be more Us.  If you would like to explore being more you, we are here - out standing in our field.