6 Great Reasons Not to Hire a Marketing Agency

Many businesses, especially successful ones, hire a marketing agency to manage the increasingly complex work of staying in front of customers with compelling messages driving growth. Because hiring an agency for the wrong reasons is an easy (and expensive) mistake to make, we’ve assembled the top six reasons not to hire a marketing agency.

#1 You Need A Magic Bullet

Here’s the hard truth – magic bullets don’t exist. (which is why they’re called “magic” bullets) If the only option for your success is finding a magic bullet, you’re in trouble. A new logo, tag line, app icon, or social media page isn’t the answer. Don’t let anyone tell you they are.

#2 You Need Quick Results

Find just about any overnight sensation and you’ll find years of effort. Successful brands and companies aren’t built on instant results. If that were the case, we would all be retired millionaires. Building success, even in marketing, takes time. Can an agency produce a quick burst of activity? Absolutely. But the goal should be sustained growth, not quick results.

#3 You Don’t Believe It Will Take Hard Work

Stimulating demand for a product or service (aka marketing) isn’t easy; see “Quick Results” above. Just like any talent, it’s developed over time and involves hard work. Success almost always depends on hard work sustained over time. Did you wake up yesterday, start a business, and have a staff of 100 on the same day? Probably not (if so, call us up; we want the secret).

#4 You Want To Get By On The Cheap

Professional marketing services and effective advertising isn’t cheap. If you can’t find an agency focused on your bottom line that strives to understand your business, your goals, and commits to staying within the budget you have to work with, don’t hire them.

#5 You Don’t Believe In Learning

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth,” or so said the professional boxer, Mike Tyson. Learning requires patience and focus. If you don’t have the patience to learn and the drive to improve…..well, you got punched in the mouth for no reason.

#6 You Want Someone Who Knows It All

No one knows your business as well as you do. No one knows your customers as well as you do. No one knows your staff like you do. A successful agency relationship is built on respect for all that you already know.

A great agency relationship can drive profitability and market share. An agency can provide the talents of many people working together for the client’s benefit. But regardless of their talent, an agency hired for the wrong reasons won’t achieve your goals.