Connecting businesses and organizations with their customers, patrons and communities is what we do. That’s why we were especially excited at the opportunity to work with Benton Development Group, the economic development office for Benton County, Iowa.

We really enjoy work requiring us to do new thinking about unfamiliar subjects and projects that present interesting challenges.

What is economic development all about? What should our focus be in trying to tell their story? How can we use free media to help get our message out? What additional elements need brought into the campaign to maximize effectiveness?

The campaign has many elements to it, but phase one is devoted to telling the stories of interesting and often unfamiliar success stories in Benton County. We’re using video to tell the story and distributing 30 second commercials through cable TV in addition to versions for social media and websites.

Our first work was with a company making molds for plastic injection manufacturers. The everyday world of the manufactured plastic products all around us looks very different now that we understand the human talent and manufacturing expertise it takes to make a mold needed to create plastic products. The solid steel used for molds weighs .26 lbs. per cubic inch and some of the molds we saw being manufactured were several feet thick, several feet in length and several feet in width; tons of steel to produce the mold for a plastic part.

Next we’re off to a grass-fed beef producer selling their products throughout the U.S. We will be following that up with a visit to a high speed broadband company that’s put 100’s of miles of fiber optic cable in the ground and that serves small towns and rural customers. Coming later is an exploration of one of the nation’s largest member-owned health food co-ops.

There’s more, but this is a nice sampler. As we get videos done we’ll be sure to get them posted.