In 2017 my wife and I decided to start a nonprofit. We came up with a name, Charlotte's Day, registered a web domain and went to work registering with the State and Federal Government. That, amazingly enough, was the easy part. Fill out the forms, submit them in the right order along with your payments, and wait. In early May we received our determination letter from the IRS, we were officially a 501(c)3!

I realized then that this process of creating something entirely new was going to be a bit of a challenge. The shortlist of what we needed was daunting. A website. Not just any website, one that told the story of our journey, share our passion, allowed people to request our assistance, and to donate. We needed a logo, something visually appealing, that captured our identity as an organization. We would need businesses cards, flyers, thank you notes, email signatures, well, everything.

I started with a DIY website creator. After hours (okay, days) of spinning my wheels, I abandoned that sinking ship. It was then, after spending time with no direction and no concept that I reached out to Maggie, one of the designers at Monkeythis. The direction I gave to Maggie was fairly thin. I gave her some examples of websites I liked and told her I wanted something playful that reflected the work we were doing for children but not childlike. Something playful but professional. I gave her no direction on the logo.

We worked closely together for a few weeks as we discussed concepts and design elements. It didn't take very long, and Maggie presented me with a beautiful logo and a stunning website design. It became the identity of Charlotte's Day; it's who we are as an organization.

I had all of the tools, DIY websites, DIY logo designers, DIY everything but I would never have come up with such a beautiful design on my own. Maggie understood our passion, our story, what we were looking for, and most importantly, how to take that information and turn it into something beautiful. I don't think Charlotte's Day would be as successful if it weren't for the vision Maggie brought to our project. We help children all over the country, thanks to amazing donors and supporters. I know our website, logo, and collateral helps us tell our story so that people will give and support us.

As a small startup nonprofit, we were incredibly lucky. How many people can pick up the phone and say "I need a logo and a website and anything else you can think of," and it gets done? I am thankful every day I had the support of Maggie, Kurt, and Bobbie. They helped us create something amazing!