Fonts are Fun — but be CAREFUL!

Art Deco, Calligraphy, Graffiti, Handwritten, Modern, Retro, Rustic, Western … Fonts are fun! But be careful. Just like with most fun things … it’s easy to overindulge. Whether it’s a simple invitation, a text-only report or an event flyer, your font choices play an important role in the message you are trying to communicate.

I think we’ve all seen examples of two too many fonts used in the same document. The result was total chaos, wasn’t it? Your eyes had no idea where to look first.

The tried and true guideline I’ve followed for years comes from author, Robin Williams, in her best-selling book, “The Mac is Not a Typewriter”: “Unless you have a background in design and typography, never combine more than two typefaces on the same page. Never combine two serif fonts on the same page, and never combine two sans serif fonts on the same page.”

Does it really matter if you’re not a graphic designer? Yes, it does. We all have opportunities to be designers through social media posts, emails, and reports. Make them better by choosing your fonts wisely. If you’re unsure, choose just one typeface that has plenty of weights and options (bold, regular, light, condensed and italic) to allow for contrasts between your headline and body text. Or try searching for font pairings on google or Pinterest.

The end result will be a polished, professional communication that says exactly what you want.