Social Media on a Time Budget

Building a habit of posting on social media takes some practice, but it’s just like riding a bike - once you learn, it becomes second nature. Creating social media posts don’t have to take all day because with a little planning, you can accomplish a week’s worth of posts in only 30 minutes. In order to create engaging social media posts there are a few things to understand.

Think about social media like a cocktail party: Do you rush into a party and tell everyone what you do, who you work for, and try to convince them to buy from you and then walk away? Or do you join conversations, share interesting information, and build relationships? I would hope it’s the latter. Use that same strategy with social media - sharing is more engaging than selling.

The real key to social media on a time budget is planning ahead. If you wait to think about a post until you need it, it’s too late.

  • Search for Inspiration - Look at other companies or organizations in your industry. This is an opportunity to see what other organizations are doing that you may want to emulate. How often do they post? What kind of engagement are they getting and what seems to be working for them? Also, pay attention to other brands you like that aren’t in your industry. Those other brands outside your industry can be great inspiration!

  • Develop your strategy – What do you want your followers to know about your business? You can share information about sales or promotions (obviously) but you should also consider sharing information about your staff, customers, charities you support or other industry information. Once you determine your audience and goals, it becomes much easier to create content.

  • Plan, Plan, Plan – Create a calendar. This may seem like a simple step but there are some natural pitfalls to it. If you are like many other people it is very easy to over schedule. How many posts do you need a week? One or two is probably enough as you get started. Look at your calendar of events, holidays (corporate and national) and determine which events might make good posts. This is a great way to fill your calendar and knock off a few easy posts. Creating a calendar also lets you write and create graphics and then sit on it for a day (or even just a few hours) and that can be all it takes to take something good and make it great. Consider different types of posts. Adding variety to your social media calendar is a great way to keep your audience engaged. Video, text only, and still images are the most popular, but you can create versions of each of these. A blog post can be a still image, you can record a video of yourself and share your thoughts, or create a motion graphic that grabs attention.

  • Cultivate an asset library - Not every post you see happened in just the past few minutes or hours. Many of them have been sitting on a calendar or in an asset library for weeks or months. Take lots of pictures and video, collect articles or blog posts in one place, that way when you are ready to post you have content to start with. Utilizing a tool like Canva can help to create visually interesting posts with simple designs and motion graphics. Read Sometimes you have to DIY, and that’s okay to learn more about creating unique social media posts.

  • Turn one idea into several posts – Another strategy to fill out your social media calendar is to create multiple posts from a single event or piece of content. Sharing a blog post, event information, or even a video can provide multiple posts for your social media accounts. Keep in mind not everyone who follows you will see all of your content in their feed so posting at different times, with different components (photo, text, or video) will increase your engagement.

  • Keep it short, visually interesting and personal – Personal stories, engaging visuals and short copy are ingredients for great posts.

Creating a plan and following through with the plan you create will generate new followers, increase your engagement, and will lead to new business.