Why isn't your Marketing Working?

Today I want to help you understand why your marketing isn't working.

Your problems with marketing can probably be narrowed down to three major topics. You're giving up too quickly, asking each marketing message to do too much, and you aren't defining clear performance indicators or goals.

You can often spot all three of these on a companies social media page. Scrolling through a social media profile, you notice a flurry of posts. Typically a couple of months long, they post at least once a week, maybe every day. Maybe they have a clear voice, but most of the time, it's call to action, call to action, product, product, product, and call to action. This is not a great social media strategy or marketing strategy for that matter. Then the pattern starts to change. You see a post once a month or less, then seldom and then one last post, a holiday, and then nothing for months or even years.

What happened?

I love this example because it shows all three issues combined into one. Let's start with no clear performance indicators or goals. When we talk about Thingitis (the problem of focusing on one thing that will solve tons of issues) the biggest issue is that the goal is producing the thing. In this case, social media posts. There aren't goals or indicators of success built into the plan. How are you going to determine if what you do is working without clear KPI's?

Second, people give up to early. Why? Without clear KPI's and goals, they don't see what they expected. Often what they expected was a huge number of likes, leads pouring in, comments, new followers, people calling and telling them how amazing their social media is, in short, they expect every message to do too much. Amazing how these last to fit together. We give up because we had a nebulous idea of success, and when we don't see "what we thought" we gave up.

So how can you avoid this really common problem? First, have clear goals and KPI's this will help you see what is working and what isn't. It will also help you develop the strategy and voice. Second, realize that each message you put out is just a drop in the bucket of your longer-term plan. Not every marketing message has to get a new, outstanding customer; it's part of a conversation, one that will continue for a long time. Finally, don't give up. Change your strategy if you aren't meeting your goals, modify, and test, don't quit.

Even good marketing rarely produces instant results, it takes time to build a relationship with your potential clients, but you can achieve your goals.