Our clients often resist our suggestion to keep selling to their customers because they’re worried that their customers will be annoyed. The assumption is that the customer will appreciate the silence and continue to reward them with business. Yet almost all of them can recount a story of losing a customer to a competitor because the competitor advertised something that caught their customer’s attention. Often what the competitor promised was something our client already offers. At one point or another, our client may have even shared that they offered the product or service.

Why did they lose the customer? Because they quit selling, but their competitor didn’t. I encourage you to consider how many sales messages you get and how you actually behave. My inbox is stuffed with newsletters I once wanted, emails from companies I once did business with, and a fair amount of stuff coming from companies I do business with that shared my email address with their “partners.” I sort through it every day without getting upset, I learn to ignore a lot of it, and eventually, I’ll take an hour or so to have an unsubscribe party. I don’t unsubscribe to all of them, just the few that I’m no longer interested in.

No matter what you provide to the people who consume your products or use your services, those people have left a trail of digital breadcrumbs behind them. They’ve searched online for similar products or services. They’ve visited the website of your competitors. All of those little crumbs make them targets for your competitors, and if your competitors are much bigger than you are, or they make use of simple digital technology, they’re using that data to sell.

Not all your messages need to incorporate the “hard sell” or a call to action. For example, we are a marketing and advertising agency, but the goal of this message isn’t to sell our services, it’s to give the reader some free advice. We want you to be more successful, whether you look to us for help or not.

The best advice we can give? Keep selling after the sale because your competition isn’t going to stop.