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Snow Angels

Snow Day Success.


Planning ensures your team is ready to respond.

Social Media Announcements

Prepare social media graphics and captions prior to the first flake of snow. Having consistent, branded visual posts allow families to quickly identify schedule changes in their social media feed.

Use the same graphics for all of your weather related delays and closures so you community recognizes them quickly. Be sure to only use them for unexpected closures or delays.

Social media posts to have ready

  • Early Out - Delayed - Canceled

  • Hard Surfaces Only

  • Link to decision-making information on your website

Website Banners and Announcements

When snow or ice collects, families have one question. What is the schedule today? Adding a banner or popup to your website answers that question immediately saving phone calls and confusion.

News Post for Your Website

Community members don't always understand how carefully you make decisions about weather-related delays and closures. Sharing your decision-making process in advance, instills confidence that helps build support throughout your district.

Provide Information about your Decision

Include information about your decision making process in your social media feed to get ahead of any comments or questions that may come up.

  • Explain your decision making process - why delay vs cancel - use friendly but informative language

  • Provide information about busses - how will bus routes be impacted

  • Provide information about before and after care

  • Updates on impacts to school activities

Choose a fully editable template.

Choose a template and download free editable Canva templates you can utilize for your next delay or closure.


Need help getting started with a Canva template?

Get our Canva quick start guide here.

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