I love visiting IKEA. While I’m walking through an IKEA store I marvel at it in much the same way I do when I’m at Disney World. I know some people are highly critical of IKEA, just as others strongly dislike Disney. But both IKEA and Disney are masters of their own game and that’s why I find them so fascinating.

What IKEA does better than most any retail company I know is to deliver a unique and consistent experience for the customer across all store touchpoints.  When customer touchpoints aren’t well designed, consistently aligned, and monitored constantly, small inconsistencies mount. Each inconsistency creates a little doubt or discomfort. Add enough small doubts or discomforts and whatever magic might have been; ends, the experience collapses into a jumble of disconnected experiences, and a lot of customers turn around and leave, or abandon their online cart, or grouse on social media.

What keeps you from designing better customer experiences across all your touchpoints? Are you too familiar with the process and from the familiarity, you can’t see the pain points? Maybe you know there’s a “good reason” for the way things are and you haven’t taken time to consider the customer’s experience? Perhaps you don’t think it’s costing you much, or you don’t experience the customer’s dissatisfaction?

Phenomenal success, like the success of IKEA and Disney and other organizations, come from phenomenal attention to the customer’s experience.

You can’t go wrong applying these lessons from IKEA to your business. Good luck to you and perhaps someday someone like me will be writing about you!

- Kurt Karr, CEO