Virginia Gay Hospital

 “Grow With Us” was a nationally award-winning recruitment program we created for Virginia Gay Hospital and Clinics. We couldn’t know at the beginning of our relationship that “Grow With Us” might have been a good summary of our entire relationship.

If the young mom in the video looks familiar, it’s because she’s got her own page on our website. Maggie had a vision for a TV commercial and she was confident that she could get the emotion just right with the help of her daughter Briar.

Virginia Gay is a critical access hospital that, like many small, independent hospitals, doesn’t have a full-time marketing department. We grew our abilities and during the 14 years we’ve been working together, we have become their virtual marketing department. We worked hard to gain a fine-grained understanding of this very complex industry, and we constantly focused on improving our professional capabilities. In time, VGH increasingly relied on us to support recruiting, the primary care clinics, all the departments of the hospital, long-term care, and home health.

We’ve used almost every possible media to help increase awareness and confidence in the quality and safety of Virginia Gay’s care. In turn, VGH pushed us and supported us when we were creating content with tools and technologies we had not yet mastered.

We feature the work we’ve done for VGH as much to show our appreciation to the people of Virginia Gay as our pride in work well-done.