VGH Healthcare Foundation

Raising a million dollars in a town of 5,000 people is a challenge, but it was a challenge we couldn’t pass up.


Professional fundraisers gave their pitches and the price tags were – shall we say, a bit “spendy.” Of course, they’re professional fundraisers and we aren’t. They were all in the ballpark of what our research said to expect and that was about 10% of the fundraising budget, or $100,000.


We helped deliver a quality program at six-tenths of one percent! That’s 6/10’s of one percent…like as in .006.  Now that’s a practical solution!


Our brochures for the expansion project not only asked for financial support, but did double duty as a primer on the changing nature of medicine, and the increasing need for mental health services.

Along with this brochure, we created a lot of other material to help with fundraising efforts and general awareness of the expansion, including buttons, newspaper inserts, a brochure, rack cards and more.

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