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Get the Word Out.

Free Guide.

A Complete Guide to Social Media Marketing for School Events

provides the tools and strategies you need to effectively promote your events on social media.

It's no surprise to you that schools often struggle to get the word out about upcoming events and activities. Our complete guide will walk you through how to use social media to engage with your community and share all the amazing activities in your district.

The guide includes:

  • Setting up an effective calendar

  • Content collection from around your district

  • Graphics tips and tricks

  • Crafting the perfect post

  • and engaging with your community online

Stress-Free Content.

Document the amazing things happening every day! You can empower everyone to become a content creator, whether their day is behind the windshield of a bus, in front of a whiteboard, or on the court. Monkeythis process is time-saving, taking the stress out of content generation and sharing.

Powerful Goal-Driven Social Media.

Goal-driven social media highlights key goals using multiple posts over days, weeks, and months. Continuously reinforcing key concepts, measuring impact, and adjusting content as needed. Your goals drive your unique content mix to create a clear vision of your district.

Focused Content Framework

Our proprietary Social Media Framework provides insight into the content needed to achieve your communication goals. Developed specifically for schools, it provides insight into the content needed to strengthen relationships with students, parents, and the community.

Built for Schools

Our team works alongside yours, using social media to create a high-impact community outreach program post by post. Plus, ongoing support through monthly reports and quarterly meetings ensures you're on track to success.

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Schedule a quick call today. Let’s talk about sharing all you do for students and your community. 

Our Proven Social Media Strategy.

Improves Communication

Increases Visibility

Enhances your District's Reputation

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