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Powerful School Communication

SPARK is the social media framework for igniting powerful school communication.

We created Spark because we believe public schools are missing an opportunity to share the amazing things happening everyday. 

If you’re not telling your story, someone else is.

Developed specifically to fit seamlessly into the daily demands of today's advanced learning environment, SPARK delivers high-impact outreach without adding anything to your day.

Proven System.

Your audience will grow and engagement will soar when you use the SPARK system.

SPARK empowers districts to share captivating stories, personalize their content, strengthen their brand, and amplify reach with simple yet impactful posts.

Success Story!

Showcasing the amazing moments in your schools doesn’t always mean awards and highlights. Often the most impactful moments are ones like this. Neal, a custodian at GHV, brings his joy and heartfelt care to every interaction he has with students. Highlighting Neal's interactions has led to multiple newspaper articles, a gift box from Tic Tac, and a through the roof engagement rate on any social media post staring Neal.


More than Social Media.

Screen Shot 2023-01-26 at 4.48.12 PM.png

Spark is a proven system designed specifically for public schools. It’s more than social media posts or storytelling.


We train your district team to encourage participation, teach strategies for easy behind-the-scenes content, and share best practices for quickly grabbing what you need for audience-building posts.


Gain an unprecedented view into your district's social media communications through the SPARK Index, harnessing data-driven insights, analytics, district-specific KPIs, and evidence-based benchmarks to inform your continuous improvement journey.


Our easy-to-use app makes it easy for anyone to capture the moments that show your school as the amazing place it is. Deploy the app across your entire district and get all the benefits of our advanced software  we use to  monitor, edit and schedule every post while you stay focused on your day.


Our focus is continuous improvement, which is why we provide an array of additional resources to support you. From frequent idea starters for staff and recommendations to improve post quality and impact, to flexible meetings where we discuss goals and performance on your schedule. Your success is our priority, and we're committed to empowering you every step of the way.


Curtis Nightingale

Superintendent USD 309

Monkeythis encouraged us to highlight our entire district with a plan in mind and within a few short weeks we saw immediate improvements.

"Our social media presence had no real plan or focus. We were basically just sharing highlights and information sporadically throughout the year but when we needed to truly get a message out, the lack of engagement on our pages was preventing that from happening. Monkeythis encouraged us to highlight our entire district with a plan in mind and within a few short weeks we saw immediate improvements.


All of our buildings are now posting to their accounts more often and sharing great stories and we are seeing our engagement grow by leaps and bounds. We’re excited to continue building on our early success with Monkeythis."


Starting at just $590/month

Price adjusted for enrollment and social media platforms

Schedule a meeting to talk about 

  • Generating immediate impact

  • Working within your current budget

  • Rallying your staff to participate

  • Telling your story so someone else isn’t


Receive a custom quote

  • Matched to your district’s size

  • Including all the social media platforms you use 

  • Made to fit your budget



  • On your schedule

  • With your leadership team

  • See results the first month

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